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september 2017

How to turn a bathroom into a softbox tutorials
How to photograph a low-key studio portrait studio

augustus 2017

Shooting silhouettes in de midday sun video
Adding mood to your portraits tips-and-tricks
How to get clothing for your shoot tips-and-tricks

juli 2017

9 common portrait retouching mistakes tips-and-tricks
Dodge and Burn tutorial for beauty retouching tutorials
Lindsay Adler: How to Create Portraiture That is a Work of Art tutorials
Underwater photography using an aquarium inspiration
How to remove reflections from glasses tutorials
How to use a beauty dish and create your own gear
Zooming in for a powerful portrait tips-and-tricks
Joel Grimes: Dramatic portraits with one light studio
The importance of pupil size in portraits studio
Using a drone to shoot portraits inspiration

juni 2017

How to shoot better self-portraits self-portraits
5 tips for better portraits on location tips-and-tricks
Tips on finding the right shade for your portraits natural-light
Portrait tip: don't leave to much headroom tips-and-tricks
Portraits shot with a drop of water as a lens inspiration
Portret basics: How to get an out of focus background tips-and-tricks
Mango Street: Using storytelling for better portraits inspiration
How to shoot a low-key bodyscape studio
Glyn Dewis: How to do cross lighting studio
Soft focus portrait with Vaseline on the lens tips-and-tricks
Portrait basics: Focus on the eyes tips-and-tricks
Peter Hurley: It's All About The Jaw tips-and-tricks
A rainy day in the studio studio

mei 2017

Blog about portrait photography portrait-academy

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